CyanogenMod Lineage OS is available for download Really Works


The ability to install a usage ROM on your Android device has been a key benefit for tinkerers and developers since the beginning days of the stage. The selection of ROMs has changed over the years, but through it all there’s been CyanogenMod. This ROM has supported the most machines and introduced the most features of any custom-made body-build of Android. Nonetheless, CyanogenMod is no more. Say hello to its successor, Lineage OS. The first develops of Lineage are now live “people’s lives” select machines.

CyanogenMod was( and still technically is) an open snitch program. The fate of the permitted beginning ROM is tied up with the Cyanogen Inc commercial-grade entity that came into existence numerous years ago. That was an endeavor to build a for-profit variant of CM that they can sell to the machine makes. Steve” Cyanogen” Kondik was one of the patrons of Cyanogen Inc, but he later left the company as it began to deteriorate. Many pages could write about the cause of the company’s woes, but let’s just say it experimented the consequences of unproven handling.

The infrastructure and the CyanogenMod name owned by Cyanogen Inc, which left the open informant benefactors with a quandary. They had to start over with a brand-new appoint. The commercial-grade leg aimed it is currently working on the Android ROM late last year when it became public that business wasn’t working, and took the servers for CM offline. That killed CyanogenMod as we know it, but Kondik and other developers involved in the project are working to continue in the minds of the CM with Lineage OS.


Since CyanogenMod is based on Android and is the completely open snitch, it was a simple matter to create a brand-new crotch. Lineage OS indents up where CM left off with version 14.1, which based on Android 7.1 Nougat. The features are principally the same, except some of the gloominess works that are connected to the now non-existent servers. Other changes include the appoint, logo, and( regrettably) corroborated machines listing.

Lineage OS is still simply get up and running, so there are only a few supported devices in the first secret. You can download Lineage OS if you’ve got a  Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Moto G4, OnePlus One, or a few other phones. One of the forces of CyanogenMod was always its extended machine existence — other ROM programs often used CM’s device trees as an origin point for new developments. Hopefully, more devices were consistent with as development projects gain steam.

If you do have a compatible computer and decide to install Lineage OS, you’ll need to have an opened bootloader. Additionally, the ROM does not arise with Google apps pre-installed. You’ll have to grab those elsewhere.



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